Veterans Programs
Hope for Veterans Philadelphia

Emergency Housing for Homeless Veterans

In 2015, Community Hope responded to the alarming increase in the number of homeless veterans in the City of Philadelphia by opening a 20-bed emergency housing program. Five of these beds are reserved for female veterans in crisis. The rate of homelessness among veterans in Pennsylvania has increased 46% from 2009 to 2013 and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that 30% of PAs homeless veterans are living in Philadelphia. Reasons cited for the rise in homelessness include: Mental and health issues including PTSD and other combat-induced trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment and the lack of affordable housing.

In the first six months of the program opening, Hope for Veterans Philadelphia saved 75 veterans from homelessness. In addition to ensuring safe shelter, we provide the basic necessities of food, access to healthcare and medicine and other support services. Our professional staff assist our veterans in transitioning to the next appropriate setting, whether it is permanent housing, a transitional housing program or treatment services.

To make a referral to Hope for Veterans Philadelphia, call 215-823-4077.