Veterans Programs
Our Hope for Veterans Transitional Housing Program, located at the VA New Jersey Healthcare Campus in Lyons NJ, has helped more than 430 veterans overcome homelessness and despair since 2004.
Breaking The Cycle Of Homelessness

Our housing programs provide a safe place for veterans to address the issues that led to their homelessness and provide them with the resources for a successful recovery and the skills to overcome poverty and despair.

Hope for Veterans® is a 95-bed transitional housing program for homeless veterans.

Opened in 2004 as the largest and most comprehensive program for homeless veterans in New Jersey, Hope for Veterans has received national acclaim for succeeding in helping more than 520 veterans who had fallen upon hard times. The goal of Hope for Veterans® is to provide a safe, supportive environment where veterans can sustain their recovery and start on the path to rebuild their lives.

By The Numbers

Homeless veterans housed

Female veterans housed
Linked to jobs
Linked to healthcare & recovery services

Transitioning To Independence

During their tenure in the program, veterans are encouraged to achieve sustained independence and financial self-sufficiency by obtaining employment.

In partnership with the Lyons Veterans Affairs staff, Community Hope provides the following intensive services:

  • Transitional housing for up to two years
  • Recovery services for substance abuse and depression, post traumatic stress, and other forms of mental illness
  • Case management services linking veterans to health and rehabilitation services
  • Access to job programs and an on-site computer training lab
  • Support groups and peer support from other veterans in the program with similar experiences
  • Access to benefits and counseling in budgeting skills to enhance financial self-sufficiency and Linkage to affordable housing upon graduation.

To download a referral form for our Hope for Veterans® Program, please click here.

To make a referral, call the Veterans Intake Coordinator at (908) 647-5717 extension 320.

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