Veterans Programs

A Place to Call Home for 62 Veterans

Valley Brook Village for Veterans, the first permanent supportive housing village for veterans in Northern, NJ, officially opened in October 2013 and is today home to 62 formerly homeless veterans.

Valley Brook Village for Veterans is located on the VA NJ Healthcare System Campus in Lyons, Somerset County, where veterans can access on-campus healthcare and other services. Community Hope provides on-site support and employment services to help veterans establish independence in their new homes. Rental subsidy vouchers have been committed to the project to ensure that the housing remains affordable to low-income veterans.

Valley Brook Village consists of three buildings that provide a total of 62 housing units around a common village green. The three-story main building contains 50 housing units, offices for management and social services, a community room, a vocational training and computer room and an elevator. The two smaller buildings that look like townhomes contain 12 one-bedroom units.

To make this project possible, Community Hope partnered with private developers Peabody Properties and Windover Construction. The private partners raised the $15.5 million needed for pre-development and construction from private tax credit investors and grant funding. Under the Federal Enhanced Use Lease Program, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs donated the 16-acre tract on the VA NJ Healthcare Campus in Lyons for Valley Brook Village. The donation of land, together with a Federal award of project-based rental subsidies from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) ensures that rents are affordable for low- and moderate-income veterans.

“Valley Brook Village will provide a safe place for veterans to address the issues that led to their homelessness and provide them with the resources for a successful recovery and the skills to overcome poverty and despair,” explains J. Michael Armstrong, Community Hope CEO.

Community Hope Is:
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