Who We Serve

Growing up, David recalls always having a sense of service to community and country from his days in the Boys Scouts and his family members who served in the military. When he enlisted and trained at Fort Benning, he excelled. "I put a lot of effort into my military training and service," he recalls. " I liked what I did." He would spend 20 years in the U.S. military.

But Iraq was tough. He served there in 2005 on the gunnery trucks protecting the military convoys. "It was a very nervous place," he says. "IED's would strike one of our trucks several times a week and we all experienced a fair share of shocks from them and even at base camp, mortars would land in our perimeters several times a day five or six days out of the week." He adds that it was "awfully hot" with temperatures above 110 degrees wearing very heavy ballistic armor. Still, he served a second tour there in 2010.

Years of combat caught up with David after his final tour: Feeling anxious, trouble sleeping, drinking, overly cautious with driving and other everyday routines. Within two years, he lost his apartment, his depression and anxiety worsened and he started feeling isolated. "My old friends had their own lives, their jobs and their families." He was in a VA program when he learned of the opening of Valley Brook Village. "It's been great ever since I moved here. I have a beautiful place to live that's peaceful. The VA services are right here on campus. And I'm around other vets. We can identify with the things we've all been through. They are people you can trust, people who have your back."

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