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Debbie knows that most people fondly recall their high school days. But for her, it is a reminder of how far back mental illness has interrupted her life. Her struggles with schizophrenia, depression and a severe eating disorder began as a teenager.

Debbie didn't go to a Junior Prom or a Senior Prom. She didn't even attend high school in her Junior and Senior years. Most of that time was spent at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. There was no graduation ceremony. She received her GED and graduated high school at Greystone. In all, she spent a total of five years there.

Now in her early twenties, Debbie had the chance to leave the hospital and enter our Young Adult Program. It was a day that she and her family had long awaited...An opportunity to start taking the first steps toward recovery and returning to a productive life in the community. In spite of her fear of leaving the hospital after so long, Debbie promised her family that she would work hard at her recovery so as not to return to Greystone.

Debbie has kept her promise. Although each day is a struggle, she appreciates that she has a place to call home with counselors who support her in working toward her recovery and roommates who understand what it means to live with mental illness.

She believes, "This program saved my life. Otherwise, I would be on the streets right now."

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