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"Community Hope is helping me build skills so I can live on my own."
Life was pretty good for Scott growing up. He was the older of two boys-- "the quiet one". He enjoyed school, particularly math and science, and played soccer. But things soon changed for Scott. He would endure an unexpected journey with mental illness-a word that still harbors a societal stigma that can make recovery for young adults very challenging.

The voices started when he was just 11 years. Somehow he figured out how to manage them. Then things got worse at 19. Freshman year at college was good, but life changed drastically in his sophomore year. The voices came back, he couldn't sleep and he was hallucinating. "I knew something was wrong, but I couldn't do anything about it." So the long journey of therapists, inpatient hospital stays, respite care and medications began. He was living with family but Scott's behaviors baffled them, so he decided to leave, but where could he go?

Community Hope's Supportive Living Program was his savior. Scott is entering his ninth year as one of four residents living in one of our supportive living homes. He says "I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm semi-independent and I've gotten a lot better. I am on the right medications and I have a part time job as a group facilitator".

Being in this peer counseling role is enabling Scott to share his experiences and success to help others find the road to recovery. He has learned from his Community Hope support staff that recovery is a process and that he has had to have greater patience with himself. "Community Hope is helping me build skills so I can live on my own."

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