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"I just wanted to get help. I didn't want my kids to be on the streets."
In 2008, Sharon joined the Army. She served for three years and was deployed for one year in Iraq where she was assigned to 92 Alpha as an automated logistical expert. She provided critical support to her "battle buddies", ensuring that Army forces had the vital equipment, parts and supplies to keep their combat outpost and medical unit running efficiently.

Fortunately, Sharon's tour of duty did not leave the kind of battle scars and trauma that other veterans suffered, but it did toughen her resolve and resilience. In July of this year, Sharon and her two young sons moved from Colorado to our area to care for her ailing grandmother. With no job and little but the clothes on their backs, Sharon was desperate to find affordable housing and get her sons settled in a safe place. "It was difficult trying to find a place to stay out here." Motels were expensive and she was running out of funds.

Homeless and living out of her car, she found the local VA Clinic and Community Hope's new Veterans Drop In Center. "I just wanted to get help. I didn't want my kids to be on the streets." Our team provided emergency housing placement in a motel for Sharon and her sons that same day and secured an apartment for her two weeks later, providing financial assistance that included the security deposit, initial rent and beds for the family. We also helped her locate other community resources for the furnishings and basic household supplies she needed. She's now looking for a job and hopes to return to school. "My case manager at Community Hope was very caring and understanding. She helped us get back on our feet."

*Not veteran's actual photo or name

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